Legislation in most countries prohibits the removal of DPF systems.
Modern DPF systems can cause many problems, most people request removal due to the following reasons:
✅ Clogging
✅ Lack of power
✅ Low MPG during regenerations
✅ Turbocharger failure
✅ Power upgrades

Whilst DPF removal could reduce stress on the engine and turbocharger there are other things to consider before taking the drastic measure of removal. If your DPF is clogged, first you have to know why.
Our engineers can carry out a full diagnosis of your DPF system before cleaning, changing or removing your DPF.
There are many small reasons that can cause blocking or failure, identifying these early means the problem can be rectified, BEFORE it becomes an issue. Our engineers are always prepared to completely delete your DPF system if required, so the car doesn`t even know it had it before. Your MPG will increase and the engine will breathe easier.
From an ECU point of view, DPF removal process is the same as engine remapping. Whereas a physical removal is irreversible, with our method you can go back anytime to your ECU’s initial state free of charge.

*StageX Motorsport is not responsible and will not treat any complaint about technical inspection failing related to DPF absence.

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